Sell Your Home and Stop Foreclosure

A short sale occurs when the bank agrees to accept less money to pay off the loan than they are owed.  The great  news is, that the banks we are working with are finally starting to come around… and many would rather work with us on a short sale, than take your home back in foreclosure.

 We have been successfully selling Shot Sales for many years. The advantages to you are the bank may hold off on foreclosure and allow you to sell the home for less than what is owed on it.

  1. Your home is sold “AS-IS”.   You make no repairs.
  2.  If you owe more than the property is worth we can still sell the home
  3. We negotiate with the bank/lender directly .  Minimizing the hassle on your part and making for a smoother transaction from start to finish.
  4.  Our team specializes in short sales and we have a special negotiator on our team to communicate with the bank .  With over 20 years experience working with distressed property and homes in foreclosures we know the procedures to get the banks to cooperate on a short sale
  5. If you are currently in Foreclosure this process can delay and potentially prevent a foreclosure if you call us immediately.

Find out with a no-obligation consultation if we can assist you a short sale and potentially stop a foreclosure on your credit record. Please fill out the form to right and we will get back to immediately .